DIY Lovely Coconut Shell Planter For Home And Office

Coconut Shell planter can be made for home as well as office decorations in just few easy steps. For coconut shell planter you have to make use of coconut shell, soil, hand drill, paint for coloring your own choice, some little plants, string , wooden beads, key ring hoop and tape. Paint the half shell and make holes carefully and decorate with given steps and your coconut shell planter is ready to serve your home environment.

DIY Felt Ogee Ornaments With Professional Design

Be your own decorator for your celebrations. Make your party environment more convenient and stylish. DIY Felt ogee ornaments can help you a lot in decorating your events of happiness and celebrations. We have a artistic idea of designing your felt ogee ornaments just follow the procedure with described material and enjoy lovely decoration. material used is wool felt, a knife, a liner pen and felt balls.

DIY Astonishing And Modern Paper Ornaments For Your Decorations

Give a brand new look to your decorations with modern paper ornaments. Just for get those old snowflake decorations try DIY paper ornaments and give new soul to your happy events. Make them with your own selection of colors and design. We have brought up the hidden creativity behind the fashionable looking paper ornaments to you just look at the  tutorial involved. you just need to have severa paper strips and two binder clips for each.

DIY Dramatic And Mysterious Masks Design

Now a days masks are attracting great attention at occasions where there is any drama and mystery is involved. Just enjoy every type of occasions and you should not waste your money in buying all this, you can be your own master in designing masks according to upcoming event. Collect a little bit material such as leather, spellbinders and a foam rubber or felt.

DIY Peter Pan Collar With Artistic Structure and Pattern

Peter pan collar is of great fame and importance in style clothing and fashion. Designing of a peter pan collar is not a very hard target to achieve. You a just all need of a piece of cloth, sequins, beads, needle and ribbons to make an artistic peter pan collar of professional model and layout. Just follow the artsy procedure and pattern below.

DIY Veiled Beanies Of Honorable Layout And Style

Veiled beanies are majorly linked with women and their social status. Veiled beanies reflect honor and personality of women in social as well as fashionable life. You can be expert in designing your own veiled beanies by taking a look of veiled beanies designing tutorial below. For this purpose you just need glue, needle and thread, a beanie, feather trim and a veiling.

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